Paperback, 287 pages

Published July 25th 2006 by HarperTrophy


Moons have passed since six cats set out on a journey to save their Clans. Now they are traveling home again, but on their way through the mountains, they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret . . . and their own mysterious prophecy to fulfill. Stormfur can't understand their strange fascination w......more



The six cats chosen from the four wild Clans of the forest--ThunderClan, ShadowClan,RiverClan and WindClan--are finally on their way back home!

In the first book of the New Prophecy,

, the new warrior Bramleclaw gets a disturbing dream from StarClan telling him to join up with......more


I love the drama that is in this series! Don't get me wrong there was plenty of drama with Firestars adventures.... But Squirrelflight is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Her personality if funny, but she is quick tempered with a retort when needed. She's a lot like me. :-)



2017 reread

Me: Maybe Feathertail won't die this time.

Feathertail: *dies tragically*

Me: *looks into the camera*


I loved this series when I was younger, so I’ve been enjoying going back and reading through them again. This set definitely isn’t my favorite though, I’ve found that quite a few of the characters irritate me, and I find the plot to be quite lacking in this one especially. Still love this series tho......more

Saar The Book owl

The 6 cats are on their way to fullfill the phrophecy as explained in the previous book. They discover that Midnight isn't what they thought it was and besides that they meet a new tribe that is in great danger. Danger is lurking ahead, a sacrifice or more has to be made and though decisions has to ......more


4.5 stars!

I really appreciated having this book largely take place from Feathertail and Stormfur's perspectives. We rarely get narrators from outside of Thunderclan, so this was a nice treat. I also still enjoy the switching from the perspectives of the cats on the journey to the ones ba......more


A whole lot of stuff happened in this book, but Stormfur being one of the MCs really decreased my rating! I definitely think I'm too old to fully appreciate this book, and even the nostalgia of years ago can't redeem them. They'll always stay favourites, but I can see they have flaws. Mostly flaws i......more

Julia Pozsonyi

I loved this series as a child and still do now. I'm just re-reading for fun!


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. But it seems, even though I've read them before, I cannot remember it at all. It was still fun to read though, as it was like I was reading it for the first time again.

This one was certainly different - the introduction of a new group of cats The Tribe of ......more

Jessi (Novel Heartbeat)

The first 2/3 of this one was just as slow as the first book was, but thankfully around the 200 page mark it picked up and brought back the magic of the series that I fell in love with - in all of its action and heartbreaking brutality! I'm so glad, too, because I was starting to wonder if maybe the......more

About the author(Erin Hunter)

Erin Hunter is the pseudonym of five people:




, and

, as well as editor

. Together, they write the Warriors series as well as the Seekers and Survivors series. Erin Hunter is working on a new series now called Bravelands. <......more

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