Authors : A.E. Nasr

ISBN10 : 1533465312 ISBN13 : 9781533465313

Genres :

Language: English

4.50 /5

Paperback, 338 pages

Published July 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Building with tenderly crafted prose towards an explosive finale, MIRO is a story of brotherhood, courage, unthinkable choices, and the events that conspire to redeem a man and unhinge a nation.

The cold, black cell is all Miro has known since the age of 12. He accepts the fate he shares ......more


About the author(A.E. Nasr)

A.E. Nasr is a Lebanese-born novelist and magazine editor based in Dubai. Her debut novel, MIRO, a work of literary fiction, is inspired by the classics as well as the author’s first-hand experiences in a country under siege.

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