Lord of the Lightning

Lord of the Lightning

Authors : David Butler

ISBN10 : 1846246342 ISBN13 : 9781846246340

Genres :

Language: English

3.56 /5

Hardcover, 297 pages

Published November 24th 2011 by Book Guild Publishing


The poet Homer says the Greek gods made androids, replica humans able to speak and move and think. Consider that…

The ancient Greek gods, Zeus and the rest, weren't gods at all. They were aliens, travellers in space and time, who chanced upon planet Earth when their vehicle broke down. W......more


About the author(David Butler)

My novels aim to appeal both to young readers and older readers. When I was a schoolboy I surprised my friends by the way I spent my pocket money. While they headed for the sweetshop I made for a second-hand bookshop in North London where I bought books by writers like H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and H.......more

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