London, 1850

London, 1850

Paperback, 224 pages

Published August 1st 2005 by Scholastic Inc.


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Ah! Finally a book with vampires that aren't girly! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, regardless of the lower-level read that it was. If I were a sixth grader, this book would be my new favorite. Rook offers a fresh take on vampires WITHOUT DESTROYING ALL VAMPIRE LORE. Yes, the characters were about a......more


This Book takes place in London/Mexico. Ben, the dark haired leader of the group, ran off the ship and was chased down by Jack, a poor, homeless, dark haired, messy kid from the docks. He asked him what was wrong and he told him his dad was killed and his godfather was killed and Sir Donald was poss......more


The cover (I dig sailing ships) and premise (I dig vampires) attracted me to LONDON, 1850, but once I was about 50 pages into it I realized that, well, this book was just sorta ho-hum. It dragged throughout, with just one scene that stayed with me well after I had turned the next page (which I won't......more


A very enjoyable and unique start to a YA-Vampire series.

In this, book one, twelve year old Jack, street urchin living on the London docks watches one night as a merchant ship sails into port. The ship is surrounded above by huge flying bats. Only one living soul on board and that is Be......more


Book #20 Read in 2017

Vampire Plagues: London by Sebastian Rook

This is the first book in a trilogy for young adults. In this book, Ben is with his father on an expedition to Mexico. They stumble across a cave full of vampire bats and that does not end well for Ben's father. Be......more


Yesssss, a fast paced true thrilling adventure, its genius is in its simplicity, I devoured it , I loved every moment and truly enjoyed reading it, I was trying to think , what other Vampire themed novels did I enjoy as such, and aside Darren Shan, I dont think there is any till this one, and waht I......more


it was good, I enjoyed reading! its and it was minus the sex, which is a nice for once..


This was alright. I know it's only the beginning of the series, but considering it's called vampire plagues I was expecting there to be more vampires and more problems than what was really there. I liked the concept of vampires in this book, and the fact that they were actually the bad guys, but asi......more


I read this series (up to the third book) when I was in, like, fourth grade. So maybe you shouldn't trust the 5 star rating, but I remember this book being amazing. I thought it was so unique and clever and creative, but I'm afraid to try reading it now since I've obviously grown up and my tastes (w......more


Wow! This book was super creepy for a kids book. I was pleasantly surprised to realize this is actually the first book of a six book series. I've put Doug on finding out if he can get the other five cheaper online or if B&N will be the best route. The second book takes place in Paris, that's all I k......more

About the author(Sebastian Rook)

Sebastian Rook is a pseudonym used for the Vampire Plagues series.

Sebastian Rook is a pseudonym used for the Vampire Plagues series.

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