Kaja Star: No Place Like Home

Kaja Star: No Place Like Home

Authors : Aaron Rocheleau

ISBN10 : 0692446516 ISBN13 : 9781311552785

Genres :


3.89 /5

ebook, 400 pages

Published July 15th 2015 by Smashwords Edition


On the day Titus Markava plans to propose, he is horrified to discover that the love of his life is actually a shape-shifting alien man. Before he can recover from the unfortunate news, he is quite literally thrown from Earth onto a completely different world in a completely different solar system.<......more


About the author(Aaron Rocheleau)

Hi, I’m Aaron Rocheleau. I live in West Michigan with my family. I write stories, because exciting adventures are way more fun than call centers and insurance. My stories are fast paced and fun (gotta be able to compete with those newfangled video games, and movies). I like to let your own imaginati......more

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