In Robin's Nest

In Robin's Nest

Authors : Elizabeth Sumner Wafler

ISBN10 : 1504979060 ISBN13 : 9781504979061

Genres :

Language: English

4.58 /5

Kindle Edition, pages

Published February 16th 2016 by AuthorHouse


"Robin Hamilton, successful New York attorney and seventies’ rock devotee, is poised to reveal a secret that will alter the course of three lives.

One winter evening, Robin and her adult daughter Lark are watching a television documentary when Lark unexpectedly spots her mot......more


About the author(Elizabeth Sumner Wafler)

I believe in second chances. The theme has surprised me by prancing into every one of my books. So many people live out their lives without getting what they want or what they need. Instead, they settle for less, subsisting instead of making things happen.

As you get to know my characters......more

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