I'm Will

I'm Will

Authors : William Haylon

ISBN10 : 9781475947 ISBN13 :

Genres :

Language: English

4.13 /5

Paperback, 287 pages

Published September 20th 2012 by iUniverse


In his parents’ minds, Will was an underachiever. So they decided he should go to an expensive private high school that they couldn’t really afford. They assumed smaller classes and an ostentatious campus would help him overcome his enduring indifference to growing up. Will watched as his father wro......more


About the author(William Haylon)

Bill grew up the third of six children, following his father’s job trail from St. Louis, MO to Pittsfield, MA to Hartford, CT. After a near fatal car accident and, later, the death of his father, Bill became largely independent at a relatively young age.

After graduating from Williams Col......more

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