I Believe...A Ghost Story for the Holidays

I Believe...A Ghost Story for the Holidays

Authors : Valerie C. Woods

ISBN10 : 0988768710 ISBN13 :

Genres :

Language: English

4.00 /5

Paperback, 72 pages

Published December 7th 2012 by BooksEndependent


This contemporary holiday romp through a Los Angeles neighborhood tells the story of three wandering spirits hoping to transition to the light by New Year's Eve. But it will only happen if each of them can cure a human heart of their Scrooge-like tendencies to become more loving and charitable citiz......more


About the author(Valerie C. Woods)

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, reading was one of my favorite pastimes. It began with my Mom, who read to my siblings and me each night before bed. My elder sister was signed up to a children’s book club. With me being the youngest and sibling rivalry being what it is, I would have to sneak the......more

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