Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight

Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight

Authors : Susan Brinchman

ISBN10 : 0692439307 ISBN13 : 9780692439302

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Language: English

4.00 /5

Paperback, 432 pages

Published May 28th 2015 by Apex Educational Media


"Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight" presents new, compelling evidence to credit Gustave Whitehead as "first in powered flight" and inventor of the airplane. This book reveals the fascinating truth about Whitehead's successful powered flights in Connecticut, more than two years before the Wrights fl......more


About the author(Susan Brinchman)

Susan O'Dwyer Brinchman, M. Ed, expert on Gustave Whitehead, is an experienced educator and early aviation researcher with a love of history. Closely involved with Whitehead research for the past five decades, present for key events such as interviews with witnesses, and familiar with the places Whi......more

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