Going Forth By Day

Going Forth By Day

Authors : Mary R. Woldering

ISBN10 : 1508731292 ISBN13 : 9781508731290

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Language: English

4.28 /5

Paperback, 386 pages

Published April 1st 2015 by Createspace


Shu lifts me up,

the Souls of On set up a stairway for me in order to reach the Above,

and Nut puts her hand on me

just as she did for Asar on the day when he died

...Pyramid Texts, inscribed on the walls of King Unas tomb 5th Dynasty c. 2345 BC



About the author(Mary R. Woldering)

Years ago, when I began to study mythology, it occurred to me that the gods and goddesses never seemed divine. They acted like super-talented people full of very human passions and shortcomings. When they appeared in different legends these various archetypes were like threads woven into the tapestr......more

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