Ghostly Images

Ghostly Images

Authors : Peter Townsend

ISBN10 : 1905091761 ISBN13 : 9781905091768

Genres :

Language: English

4.25 /5

Paperback, 279 pages

Published June 1st 2012 by LL-Publications


Whitby, North-East England, 1894. When David is thrown out of work as an apprentice photographer he falls into the clutches of Hood, a charlatan who is eager to exploit him as a spirit photographer.

With reluctance he fakes a number of photographs for Hood, showing the ghosts of dead peop......more


About the author(Peter Townsend)

Novelist Peter Townsend was born in Sheffield and has a variety of interests, including history, music and art. One of his current fascinations is the history of Victorian England.

He now lives by the coast in the North East of England and regularly walks on the local beach or the cliff t......more

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