Gates of Time Windows of Opportunity

Gates of Time Windows of Opportunity

Authors : .A.

ISBN10 : 1329303059 ISBN13 : 9781329303058

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Language: English

5.00 /5

Paperback, 256 pages

Published July 19th 2015 by Lulu


The Ancient Science of Time and Number rediscovered. This book discloses the Law of Number as the Supreme Law of the Universe and as the expression of God´s Will to Be in time-space. It defines and presents the Essential Forces of Creation in time-space as distinct numeric patterns. It demonstrates ......more


About the author(.A.)

He spent the first 19 years of his life behind the “Iron Curtain” under one of the most repressive post-WW II communist regimes in which art and culture were the only form of escape from the tyranny of Marxist ideology and its implementation. At 22 .A. moved to The United States after being offered ......more

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