Flat Crazy

Flat Crazy

Authors : Ben Rehder

ISBN10 : 0312993269 ISBN13 : 9780312993269

Genres : Mystery,Fiction,Humor,Crime,Detective,Audiobook

Language: English

4.13 /5

Paperback, 336 pages

Published August 30th 2005 by St. Martin's Paperbacks


From the Edgar, Lefty, and Barry award-nominated author Ben Rehder comes the funniest entry yet in his hilarious Blanco County mystery series. Some kind of unidentified wild creature is on the loose in Blanco, and, over the protests of sensible game warden John Marlin, the locals have convinced them......more


About the author(Ben Rehder)

Ben Rehder wanted to become a writer ever since he was dropped on his head as a toddler. As he grew into a young adult and the vertigo gradually dissipated, his passion for literature grew. Ben longed to craft the type of soul-stirring prose that would touch people’s lives and help them explore new ......more

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