Finnglas and the Stones of Choosing

Finnglas and the Stones of Choosing

Authors : Fay Sampson

ISBN10 : 0745947603 ISBN13 : 9780745947600

Genres : Fantasy

Language: English

3.88 /5

Paperback, 176 pages

Published March 1st 2003 by Lion Publishing


screamed Princess Finnglas. But she knew her horse was already pouring out all his strength. And the rival black stallion was still ahead. Finnglas is riding for her life and the crown. If she loses, she will die and the Summer Land will fall into the grip of evil powers. But this race is only the f......more


About the author(Fay Sampson)

Fay Sampson graduated in Mathematics, and trained as a teacher. Combining teaching with writing, Fay's children's books were frequently featured in 'Children's Books of the Year'. When she became a full-time writer, she turned to writing novels for adults, based on history and legend. She now lives ......more

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