Falling for Joshua

Falling for Joshua

Authors : Brian Keaney

ISBN10 : 1841218588 ISBN13 : 9781841218588

Genres : Romance

Language: English

3.56 /5

Paperback, 176 pages

Published August 23rd 2001 by Orchard Books


On the way to visit her sister in hospital, Abi drops a bag of oranges. A boy of about her own age is walking past at that moment. He bends down, picks up one of the oranges and their eyes meet.

She can tell there’s something special about him the moment she looks into those deep blue eye......more


About the author(Brian Keaney)

Brian writes novels for adults, young adults and children. HIs latest novel for adults is The Alphabet of Heart's Desire (Holland House Books), based on an incident in the life of the nineteenth century writer and opium addict, Thomas De Quincey

Brian writes novels for adults, young adult......more

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