Authors : Monica Millard

ISBN10 : 1517164052 ISBN13 : 9781517164058

Genres : Fantasy,Paranormal


3.97 /5

ebook, 163 pages

Published September 1st 2015 by


There isn’t a lot of excitement or drama to be had for a teenager in Wasilla, Alaska. This is especially true for students of the charter high school, Lakes Charter. That is until a jock is killed in a brutal attack on school property.

The victim is the instigator of the school’s bullying......more


About the author(Monica Millard)

Monica Millard was born and raised in Alaska. She doesn’t own a dog sled team, but has worked in a place where there are buildings with caged exterior doors to keep employees from being eaten by polar bears.

Monica’s favorite quote is, “People do not see the world as it is, they see it as......more

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