Exile and the Kingdom

Exile and the Kingdom

Paperback, 213 pages

Published November 5th 1991 by Vintage International


These six stories, written at the height of Camus' artistic powers, all depict people at decisive, revelatory moments in their lives. Translated from the French by Justin O'Brien.

The six works featured in this volume are:

"The Adulterous Woman" ("La Femme adultère")





faces the dilemma to choose between his loyalty to homeland or the place he's residing,


to choose between his resignation to demands of the firm or demand of rights as a worker.

All the stories are set in beautiful but......more

Rakhi Dalal

So while man finds this world an absurd place to live in, a place indifferent to his existence and as cruel as the harsh Sun, where the agony sprawls over like an endless hot desert and the despair is as unbearable as the Algerian heat, man continuously strives to make the best of it, to find a mean......more


is a collection of six short stories by Albert Camus. While these tales were brimming with vivid, powerful prose, and Camus’ distinctive flavor of Absurdism was a delight to reconnect with, overall I found the actual plots and characters fairly unremarkable, some even downright forgettable. The coll......more


His work never fails to impress me. Camus’ collection of six short stories are about people who just want to find a place where they belong, a ‘kingdom’ (home) where they feel as though their ‘exile’ will end and feel meaning/security in their lives. The stories (and my interpretation of each one) a......more


In "An Experiment in Criticism", Lewis argues that the only way to truly understand a book the reader must surrender to it and to the author's vision. This can be fairly easy when the reader and the author are coming from similar worldviews, but not when they are meeting head on from opposite ends o......more

Steven Godin

A collection of six short stories that contain all the characteristics those familiar with Camus would come to expect, there is mixed bag here with some simple to read and others with more complexity and depth. the first two "The Adulterous Woman" and "The Renegade" have a desert setting, it's barre......more

Erik Graff

Albert Camus had an immense influence on me during adolescence. This is strange in that nowadays I don't think he would have much impact. At that time, however, I recognized my apprehensions articulated in his voice and in the voices of some of his characters, particularly the doctor in 'The Plague'......more


So I start reading this book and I’m like “oh this is nice, let me put my Casa Blance lens on.” I am happily reading along, when all of a sudden, I’m like:



How did I get here?

And it is not just the first short story; it a......more


A great few short stories. There is something for anyone who has felt torn from their passions (or homeland, as in Camus’s case). Camus has captured the essence and feeling of being exiled masterfully and I think each story is a reflection of Camus’s mixed feelings towards his homeland (Northern Afr......more


Personaly I love Camus and this flavour of writing. . . The writing, which is for its own sake. . . Pure, artistic and honest. . . Each story is like a painting that etches itself permanently n vividly in one's memory. . . The setting is so important as are the characters with their conscientious n ......more

About the author(Albert Camus)

(1913-1960) was a representative of non-metropolitan French literature. His origin in Algeria and his experiences there in the thirties were dominating influences in his thought and work. Of semi-proletarian parents, early attached to intellectual circles of strongly revolutionary tendencies, with a......more

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