Enchanters: Glys of Myradelle

Enchanters: Glys of Myradelle

Authors : David Bryan Russell

ISBN10 : 977543823 ISBN13 : 9780977543823

Genres :

Language: English

4.30 /5

ebook, 348 pages

Published January 21st 2012 by Freya Publishing


A stunningly imaginative contemporary fantasy novel, Enchanters introduces a new kind of magic, interwoven in an intriguing and sensitive story. Glys Erlendson is a committed environmentalist convinced that the planet is in grave danger. But she discovers another frightening truth: she is not human.......more


About the author(David Bryan Russell)

Writer-illustrator David Bryan Russell was born in Los Angeles, and received his professional training at Art Center /College of Design. In close collaboration with some of Hollywood's most celebrated directors, he has created memorable sequences for numerous films including Batman, Terminator 2: Ju......more

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