Enchanted Castle on the River: Matt's Journey

Enchanted Castle on the River: Matt's Journey

Authors : Sylvia Abolis Mennear

ISBN10 : 1503573621 ISBN13 : 9781503573628

Genres :


4.33 /5

Paperback, 162 pages

Published May 30th 2015 by Xlibris


Matthew is a young teenager about to go camping with his family to a wilderness camp. He is a very imaginative young man that gets himself into trouble after venturing out on his own through the woods. He is confronted by a wizard and forced to go to the hidden castle in the woods to make a wish. He......more


About the author(Sylvia Abolis Mennear)

I believe age doesn't matter when it comes to fantasy whether you are a writer or a reader. Let the creative mind work its magic. We all have a story inside of us, the trick is to have the skill at putting it all together.

I loved writing my book Enchanted Castle on the River 'Matt's Jour......more

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