Authors : Michael A. Wood Jr.

ISBN10 : 1470099845 ISBN13 : 9781470099848

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Language: English

4.00 /5

Paperback, 318 pages

Published April 10th 2012 by CreateSpace


What defines justified transgressions? No two people will agree on what is acceptable, moral, right, wrong, deserving, heroic, or criminal in Eliot and that is what pushes us to truly look inside our own souls. Do you see the actions of the vigilante killer set on revenge, the drug dealer just tryin......more


About the author(Michael A. Wood Jr.)

Dr. Wood is a father, husband, USMC vet, retired Baltimore Police, scientist, author, and scholar; has stared in numerous documentaries and hundreds of media appearances; published fiction and non-fiction; summa cum laude, B.S. Criminal Justice (Kaplan/Purdue), M.S. Business Management InfoTech (Kap......more

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