Dirty Secrets of the World's Worst Employee

Dirty Secrets of the World's Worst Employee

Authors : Jenn Sadai

ISBN10 : 1939289718 ISBN13 : 9781939289711

Genres :

Language: English

4.26 /5

ebook, 121 pages

Published September 29th 2015 by Jan-Carol Publishing Inc.


Every company has dirty secrets. Businesses are run by people and people are not perfect. Of the course of my crooked career, I’ve witnessed corporate corruption, inter-office affairs, sexual harassment, theft, bullying, and manipulation, and that’s just in a small city in Canada. Imagine how many u......more


About the author(Jenn Sadai)

Jenn Sadai has combined her love of writing with her passion for empowering women into three purposeful series. The Self-esteem Series currently contains three non-fiction stories tackling common issues that affect a woman’s self-esteem.

Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Wom......more

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