Despite Them

Despite Them

Authors : Katsura

ISBN10 : 1937796191 ISBN13 : 9781937796198

Genres : Romance,M M Romance

Language: English

4.32 /5

ebook, 220 pages

Published November 21st 2012 by Ai Press


“Brutal men exist and so do those who love them.”

More action, passion, adventure and hot full colour illustrations with Judas MacGregor and his band of raucous reprobates. Gangsters are used to being surrounded by death, but how will the demise of one of their own affect the hierarchy?...more


About the author(Katsura)

Katsura (aka P.M. Leckie) is a Scottish Yaoi/comedy writer and editor.

Her projects have mostly been collaborative works with Yuramei, and together they run the publishing house, Seishin Ink.

Her solo work as P.M. Leckie has seen the release of the epic saga/farce, Stumbledirt.......more

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