Debezezi and the Sea Prince

Debezezi and the Sea Prince

Authors : Alex Fan Moniz

ISBN10 : 1511994517 ISBN13 : 9781511994514

Genres :


4.00 /5

Paperback, 40 pages

Published May 2nd 2015 by Createspace


Inspired by South Africa's picturesque Pondoland local legend "The Hole in the Wall," with a few twists. Embedded in the Xhosa "izi Khaleni" and other mythology, this is a short-story about love, prejudice, choices and courage. A metaphor for ever-present and universal social issues. For children an......more


About the author(Alex Fan Moniz)

Alex Fan Moniz is a British poet, writer, photographer and lyricist.

Born in Portugal, he has spent his lifetime between the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, South Africa and periods in Romania, Italy, Brazil, Denmark, India, China and other countries. He studied Humaniti......more

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