Death in Venice and Other Tales

Death in Venice and Other Tales

Paperback, 384 pages

Published May 1st 1999 by Penguin Classics


Featuring his world-famous masterpiece, "Death in Venice," this new collection of Nobel laureate Thomas Mann's stories and novellas reveals his artistic evolution. In this new, widely acclaimed translation that restores the controversial passages that were cut out of the original English version, "D......more



It's fantastic to be completely swayed by century-old works; to be turned- on completely by some German dude who probably thought so differently from you that anything he produced is just receptive to awe alone, & no discernible connections between you and the author exist. Not true. If you saw the ......more


 is a paradigm often applied to Artificial Intelligence, though its applications may vary. It’s a kind of logic that was introduced in order to contrast boolean logic, wherein a variable’s value is strictly either 0 or 1. Therefore, in fuzzy logic a variable may fall in the range between......more

James Catt

I just finished reading this marvelous book of short stories. My favorite among them was "Little Herr Freidman", a sad tale of a mans peace of mind turned on its head by desire.



I have heard Thomas Mann described as this towering literary genius, a monumental figure of German literature. So I was kind of looking forward to

and other stories as a sampler before maybe I try one of his novels. Well, his short stor......more

Richard Derus

: I feel a complete fool providing a plot précis for this canonical work. Gustav von Ascherbach, literary lion in his sixties, wanders about his home town of Munich while struggling with a recalcitrant new story. His chance encounter with a weirdo, though no words are exchanged between them, ignites......more


The short stories of Thomas Mann often revolve around troubled society families and struggling artists. His depictions of the toils and troubles of artistic and sensitive people can read as the author himself longed for a less complicated relationship with the world around him. His artists yearn to ......more

Josh Friedlander

I got this collection primarily for

- during a trip to Venice, how cliché ! - but I read the others first, and I think they set it up well. Having previously read Mann's bloated monster

, I wasn't quite sure how to place him. Reading this, with some input from the helpful Ge......more


I know, it’s a crying shame I haven’t read this classic years ago. And now, having read it, I can say, “What a fascinating, disturbing little melodrama, ” set this brief but dense book aside, and then never pick it up again.

Death in Venice by Thomas Mann was published in 1912. It’s about......more


When I was in college, I read

for the first time. I can't imagine what I made of it then. Of course, the story of an older man drawn to a beautiful young boy is compelling, but the sense of time running out can't have meant much to me at that point in my life. I read the novella again r......more


I'm ambivalent about this one. Perhaps it was the translation I was reading (I think I have the actual

in the house somewhere, but frankly I couldn't face literary German at the moment), but I never really felt at ease when reading this. Not because of any of the themes that Mann tackle......more

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Thomas Mann was a German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and Nobel Prize laureate in 1929, known for his series of highly symbolic and ironic epic novels and novellas, noted for their insight into the psychology of the ......more

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