Dear Lover,

Dear Lover,

Authors : Lori Jenessa Nelson

ISBN10 : 1505708060 ISBN13 : 9781311448422

Genres : Poetry


4.18 /5

ebook, pages

Published February 20th 2015 by Smashwords Edition


Dear Lover –poems of love, loss, and disappointment, shame, pride, and indifference.

Dear Lover—a poetry collection about hope and heartbreak, about love in its short, long, and temporary forms, about how love can be cloaked in abuse, how love can build us or break us, the hard and soft o......more


About the author(Lori Jenessa Nelson)

Maple Summers here. Budding musician and blogger, author, pole dancer with a busy mind, a foul mouth, and quick fingers. We don't do transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, slut-shaming or racism here, because that's just bullshit. I'm a burlesquing, dancing, drumming, piano-playing, generally very creat......more

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