Culpa Innata

Culpa Innata

Authors : B. Barmanbek

ISBN10 : 1466472677 ISBN13 : 9781466472679

Genres :

Language: English

4.18 /5

Paperback, 508 pages

Published October 22nd 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Beneath the perfect world lie unspeakable sins.

Ever since the Great Meltdown, the most devastating economic depression the world has ever seen, a new global power has risen up: the World Union. Beyond that lie the Rogue States.

The World Union has ushered in an unprecedented e......more


About the author(B. Barmanbek)

...multimedia producer, internet infrastructure designer, video game writer/developer, self-taught historian, world class caver and cave photographer, and now author, Diverse pursuits, but all are in service of a deeper truth...

Creator, writer, and producer of Culpa Innata, a video game ......more

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