Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

Paperback, 386 pages

Published October 21st 2016 by Endeavour Press


What do you do when your world is turned upside down?

When you discover your father had a direct hand in the genocide of much of the world’s human population?

Phoebe Harkness’ life has changed forever. Thirty years after a cataclysmic world war that eviscerated one third of the......more


Sadie Hartmann

Let's get one thing straight, first: I'm a Helsing. James has created a world in which I want to be a part of (in real life) but I'll settle for being able to read about it in Hell's Teeth and the sequel, Crescent Moon. It's such a treat that this book is longer than the first book! Crescent Moon fe......more


Crescent Moon by James Fahy was amazing. It was an exciting suspenseful adventure with touches of horror and little bits of sexiness here and there. It introduced some great new characters and answered some questions left by the previous the book but also expanded the mysteries of this wonderful wor......more

Beverley Lee

Crescent Moon is book 2 of the Phoebe Harkness series by James Fahy.

After a spate of gruesome murders, Phoebe Harkness finds herself acting as liasion between Cabal and the Genetic Others. But someone or something is out to remove her from this position - permanently.

This boo......more

Becky Wright

I’m always a little wary of sequels, the eternal question if “does it stand up to the first?” is always in the back in my mind, maybe that’s why I actually sometimes prefer standalone books. However, in the case of Crescent Moon that thought soon evaporated.

James Fahy again delivers a s......more

G.R. Thomas

without fail James Fahy has left me wanting more of Phoebe Harkness and her dark world. Another fabulous instalment in the series that opened doors as well as posed new and very intriguing questions A fast paced page turner that had my heart racing for all different reasons A cemented favourite auth......more

Chandra Claypool (WhereTheReaderGrows)

"Everything leads back to bacon, Dr. Harkness." BACON!

Phoebe is back and has now been "promoted" to be the liaison between the Genetic Others and the Cabal. A recent slew of violent murders have occurred and all clues seem to be pointing toward the Tribals (were-animals / shapeshifters).......more

Emma McClean

I couldn't wait to dive back into Book Two after reading the debut Hell's Teeth, and I was not disappointed. all the same humour and non-stop action are here, with a plot that is wider and deeper than the first book.

Can't wait for book three!

Dada Welsh

equally as fun and filled with twists and turns and double bluffs and double crosses as the previous book, the story rolls along at a great pace, and you never have time to get bored or bogged down. thoroughly enjoyable fare

Nicola Rose

Ooooooooh! Book two in the Phoebe Harkness series was so good!! Fantastic world-building, and I love all the characters. The plot continued to surprise me, gradually opening up to a bigger picture. I can't wait for book three.  Tell me it's coming soon?!

Beth Skye Denny

Phoebe why'd you have to go be so approachable to the Genetic Others? Okay, you're really not. Why did you have to, you know, not die and kick some butt? Oh right, survival is a good thing. Well, doll, it's all your fault then.

Poor Dr. Harkness now Cabal thinks you need absolutely no tim......more

About the author(James Fahy)

James Fahy is the childrens author of the Changeling fantasy series, a Middle-Grade age series following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own.

In addition to fant......more

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