Clover House

Clover House

Authors : Alan Cuthbertson

ISBN10 : 1511527900 ISBN13 : 9781511527903

Genres :

Language: English

4.50 /5

Kindle Edition, 312 pages

Published November 14th 2015 by Create Space


Clover House How many rules would you break to fulfil a loved one’s wishes? Clover House is a home run by the local council. It’s residents are there because their parents, family or the community can no longer deal with their behaviour. Leo French has lived at Clover House for nearly 8 years. For L......more


About the author(Alan Cuthbertson)

Alan Cuthbertson was born and brought up in Leeds, England. He was married at 19, and in partnership with his wife, Heather, started the family stationery business. During this time Alan served 4 years as an Officer in The Royal Airforce Reserves and became an accomplished aerobatics pilot. 18 years......more

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