City of Man's Desire: A Novel of Constantinople

City of Man's Desire: A Novel of Constantinople

Authors : Cornelia Golna

ISBN10 : 9080411442 ISBN13 : 9789080411449

Genres : Fiction

Language: English

3.52 /5

Paperback, pages

Published 2004 by Go-Bos Press


Constantinople 1908: the cosmopolitan capital of the Ottoman Empire teeters on the brink of upheaval. Turks dream of liberty while the subject peoples yearn for freedom – not necessarily the same thing. Far from the turmoil of Constantinople, in the Anatolian hinterland, archeologists are excavating......more


About the author(Cornelia Golna)

Cornelia Golna is the author of City of Man’s Desire, a Novel of Constantinople (2004) and Tainted Heroes (2017).

In her own words:

Appropriating my parents’ nostalgia for their world, a world I did not know: perhaps this has been the enduring theme of my life.

I was......more

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