Child Witch Kinshasa

Child Witch Kinshasa

Authors : Mike Ormsby

ISBN10 : 1479285129 ISBN13 : 9781479285129

Genres :

Language: English

4.33 /5

Kindle Edition, 506 pages

Published December 1st 2013 by Nicoaro Books


Congolese street kid seeks home. Foreign journalist wants to help. The devil is in the detail.

A tale of travel, love and loss, Mike Ormsby's first novel is published in two volumes - 'Child Witch Kinshasa' and 'Child Witch London' - by Nicoaro Books.

Child Witch Kinshasa:


About the author(Mike Ormsby)

Mike is a British writer/musician based in Transylvania, where he has lived for five hundred years. He is the author of:

'Never Mind the Vampires, Here's Transylvania' (2017)

'Palincashire, Tales of Transylvania' (2017)

'Child Witch London' (2014)

'Child ......more

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