Chase of Choices

Chase of Choices

Authors : Hari Parameshwar

ISBN10 : 9384226602 ISBN13 : 9789384226602

Genres :

Language: English

4.05 /5

Paperback, 302 pages

Published December 28th 2014 by Leadstart Publishing


Humans are souls, buried deep below the coloured dusts of knowledge and experiences of the consciousness, within their physical bodies. The soul, when it deserts the body, dispenses with the colours of dusts to emerge as purest of the pure light. Yet, due to a cosmic error, if it carries some of the......more


About the author(Hari Parameshwar)

Dr Hari Parameshwar, the author of: "The Pillar Invisible", "Many Paths Many Answers" and "Chase of Choices" is a seasoned and versatile management specialist.

"The Pillar Invisible" has been receiving accolades from print media such as The Hindu, Indian Express and Deccan Herald and prai......more

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