By Force of Patriots

By Force of Patriots

Authors : Cameron Reddy

ISBN10 : 1618080245 ISBN13 : 9781618080240

Genres :

Language: English

3.88 /5

Paperback, 520 pages

Published April 2012 by White Feather Press


There is a darkness moving over the land, obscuring hope, erasing freedom. It threatens to destroy. It promises to shackle. But wait ... as the shadows close in, a small band of patriots rise up to fight. But Jeff and Anne Krieg can't help but wonder Is it too late for freedom? Did we wait too long?......more


About the author(Cameron Reddy)

Reading and writing were my worst subjects in school. Actually, I hated to read because I was so dang slow at it. If any of you recall those SRA reading carts with all the color-coded stories... I was always in the lowest color (purple, I seem to recall). Never got out of that color. Never... The fi......more

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