Butterfly Tears

Butterfly Tears

Authors : Zoë S. Roy

ISBN10 : 0978223373 ISBN13 : 9780978223373

Genres : Cultural,China

Language: English

4.34 /5

Paperback, 177 pages

Published November 5th 2009 by Innana Publications and Education


Butterfly Tears is a collection of seventeen pieces of short fiction that depict the experiences of Chinese immigrant women facing the challenges of life in a new country. The stories are set in different parts of China, Canada, and to a lesser extent in the United States and examine Chinese women's......more


About the author(Zoë S. Roy)

Born in China, Zoë S. Roy, an avid reader even during the Cultural Revolution, writes literary fiction with a focus on women’s cross-cultural experiences. She holds an MEd in Adult Education and an MA in Atlantic Canada Studies from the University of New Brunswick and Saint Mary’s University. She is......more

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