Brimstone (Earth, Air, Fire and Water , #1)

Brimstone (Earth, Air, Fire and Water , #1)

Paperback, 302 pages

Published September 30th 2010 by Sibling Press


Brimstone was first published in 2010, in paperback and ebook, by the author under the imprint Sibling Press.

The book has been well-received by both critics and readers, with the Herald on Sunday calling it "... perfect for the young adult audience for which it was written" and Evie Wool......more


About the author(Alan Skinner)

Writing and theatre have always been my great passions and I have been fortunate to have been able to keep both in my life - despite the many distractions that have led me astray over the years. So often we put aside those things most important to us while we attend to the ordinary demands of life, ......more

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