Beneath the floodlights

Beneath the floodlights

Authors : Martin Tracey

ISBN10 : 1456781839 ISBN13 : 9781456781835

Genres :

Language: English

4.23 /5

Paperback, 364 pages

Published November 7th 2011 by AuthorHouse Publishing


When Birmingham football club Kingsbarr United are relegated from the English Premier League they are seemingly rescued by a mysterious new manager from Transylvania, Professor Cezar Prodanescu and his stable of young superstars - who also happen to be a nest of vampires! Once darkness falls and the......more


About the author(Martin Tracey)

Martin Tracey is inspired primarily by three things - music, football(soccer) and the supernatural. All three elements feature in his writing, although he does not necessarily consider that his writing is genre specific.

"I'm wired with a very vivid imagination and therefore my novels hav......more

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