Bay of Devils

Bay of Devils

Authors : Grahame Shannon

ISBN10 : 0995868530 ISBN13 : 9780995868533

Genres : Fiction,Drama,Contemporary,Epic

Language: English

4.30 /5

Paperback, 344 pages

Published September 2020 by Tangleberry Books


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What would you do if you found a 50-year-old letter from a dead man, addressed to a place near you home? In 1968 Chinese waitress Cindy Lu found the letter in her father’s effects and delivered it by hand to the original address.

The cast of characters is diverse, and the Vancouver of 196......more


Excellent, fascinating story. Kept me interested right to the end!


The book is about an old lady searching for closure after having a received a letter from the past. The letter is from a passenger on the doomed Princess Sophia (known as the Titanic of the Pacific). Appropriately, this book was launched on Oct 23, 2020, on the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of Pr......more

Simon Yu

Bay of Devils is part historical fiction, part sea adventure, and completely entertaining.

The historical Alaska sinking (in 1918) of the CPR liner

in Alaska forms the backdrop of the 1968 story. All aboard were lost, but a few, knowing they were doomed, left letters to their......more


It’s rare to discover a book that can provide a true sense of adventure, mystery, and even romance - Bay of Devils delivers on all fronts.

Set in 1960’s Vancouver and Alaska, with reflections back to the earlier glamour of the 1930/40’s; Bay of Devil’s tells the story of amateur detective......more

Ella James

With a great story and an excellent plot, Bay of Devils by Grahame Shannon is a rip-roaring nautical venture you won’t want to miss!  Epic adventure wrapped around a treasure hunt and a missing letter.

With a tantalizing forward, where Grahame Shannon announces that some aspects of the st......more


In his latest book, Shannon harks back to an earlier time before cell phones and the internet. Sean Gray, a sailor and amateur detective, is enlisted to solve mysteries raised in a 50 year old letter from the sinking Princess Sophia.

The action is fast paced, with piracy, a treasure hunt,......more


'Bay of Devils' by Grahame Shannon is all an adventure novel should be. It's fast-paced, exciting, tense, and even has pirates. What more could you want? It's really well written with a great set of core characters that I was rooting for from the off.

The novel follows Sean, Cindy, and El......more

Pallavi Sareen

A fast-paced Detective novel, the Bay of Devils tells the traditional “hero’s journey” with adventurous twists and turns. Sean Grey is a detective who is hired to solve the mystery of a letter. How wonderful for a world without the mess made by mobile phones and internet. Just hire a detective to fi......more


Bay of Devils by Grahame Shannon adds another Alaskan sailing novel to his list as Sean Gray leads an expedition to uncover a mysterious box hidden over fifty years ago. Jakob Holcomb writes to his sweetheart as the Princess Sophia is about to sink. Stuffing the letter into a metal flask, he sends i......more

About the author(Grahame Shannon)

Grahame Shannon walked around barefoot until he was five. Then his cruel parents dragged him to Canada from his native Grenada. He thought Montreal was cold and miserable until he was moved again, to Northern Alberta, At nineteen, he had the good sense to relocate to Vancouver.

He has fou......more

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