Awakening Inner Guru

Awakening Inner Guru

Authors : Banani Ray

ISBN10 : 8191026902 ISBN13 : 9788191026900

Genres : Spirituality,Inspirational,Self Help

Language: English

4.79 /5

Paperback, 232 pages

Published June 9th 2010 by Inner Light Publishers


Awakening Inner Guru is a clear and straightforward guide to awaken the light within. The book is about awakening your inner wisdom, inner power, inner beauty, your inner self. Living a fulfilling life is a skill that requires both practice and understanding. This book provides both. It is a gem! It......more


About the author(Banani Ray)

Banani Ray is a mystic, spiritual guide and an authority on meditation and transformation of consciousness. She teaches Om Inner Sun Meditation, a powerful but simple meditation technique that brings out your inner potential, activates the solar energy in your body, balances the Chakras and enlighte......more

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