Ashes and Wine

Ashes and Wine

Authors : Taryn Elliott

ISBN10 : 1622669274 ISBN13 : 9781622669271

Genres : Romance,Contemporary Romance,Contemporary,Novella

Language: English

4.08 /5

ebook, 190 pages

Published June 28th 2012 by Entangled Publishing (Ever After)


Before Tessa met Royal Andreas, her bookstore was on the verge of sinking. And before Tessa met Royal Andreas, she didn't mind being single. But Royal brings in business with monthly wine tastings featuring his family's signature vintages--and brings Tessa's heart to a standstill with intense gray e......more


About the author(Taryn Elliott)

USA Today Bestselling author Taryn Elliott has made it her mission in life to get as many rockstar stories out of her head and onto the page as possible. Sometimes a hot suited dude makes an appearance, and maybe a wine expert or six. She comes from upstate NY and falls in love with every hero as sh......more

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