Anita and Me

Anita and Me

Paperback, 336 pages

Published 2004 by Harper Perennial


Like every nine-year-old girl, Meena can’t wait to grow up and break free from her parents but as the daughter of the only Punjabi family in the mining village of Tollington, her struggle for independence is different from most. She wants fishfingers and chips, not just chapati and dhal; she wants a......more


About the author(Meera Syal)

Meera Syal MBE (born Feroza Syal 27 June 1961 in Essington, near Wolverhampton) is a British Indian comedienne, writer, playwright, singer, journalist and actress. Her Punjabi-born parents came to Britain from New Delhi, and she has risen to prominence as one of the most UK's best-known Indian perso......more

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