A Time to Love and a Time to Die

A Time to Love and a Time to Die

Hardcover, 379 pages

Published 1954 by Harcourt, Brace and Company


From the quintessential author of wartime Germany, A Time to Love and a Time to Die echoes the harrowing insights of his masterpiece All Quiet on the Western Front.

After two years at the Russian front, Ernst Graeber finally receives three weeks’ leave. But since leaves have ......more


Lee Klein

Teleportive WWII novel, top-notch dramatization of the complexity of humanity, formal and thematic excellence throughout. It's about a German soldier who leaves the Russian front during WWII as the tide is turning for the Nazis and goes on furlough to his home city for a few weeks. He can't find his......more

Sonia Reppe

Why is this not as popular as All Quiet on the Western Front? Like All Quiet, it's about a young German soldier in WWII, but this one has a great love story and was three times more pleasurable for me. *note* Don't read this if you're a recovering alcoholic because on every page, someone is drinking......more

Dennis Eoffe

This book was quite amazing. It is from the viewpoint of a Nazi soldier who gets to go home from war. He finds out that things home are terrible, everything is turned upside down. He falls in love and among the chaos there are moments of peace and beauty. There is amazing social commentary on concep......more


I loved his “All quiet on western front”. But it was written by a younger Erich, pacifist and sad but also boyish. This is older Remarque’s writing, the writer who lived in exile and whose sister was beheaded by Nazis because they could not get to him, it has such an all-encompassing feeling of mela......more

Melania 🍒


This wasn’t bad at all, just a little too long. Definitely worth the read.

Cassio Queiros

"...a novel that does for World War II and the German soldier, what 'All Quiet on the Western Front' did for the World War I. Remarque's best book- profoundly moving without every slopping over into sentimentality ; an angry book, accepting the responsibility of the canker at the heart of Germany fo......more


I have always been a fan of Erich Maria Remarque's novel "All Quiet on the Western Front", which I consider to be one of the best war novels ever written. So, when I saw "A Time to Love and a Time to Die" at a used book store, I was excited to read it. I had hoped that "A Time" would live up to the ......more

Veleka Georgieva

A Time to Love and a Time to Die is a marvelous book which, despite being very dark and hard to read at times, turned out to be my sweet escape from the real world. It issues World War II, but it can really refer to any everyday routine which seems to suck the life out of us. Because despite there b......more


The other side of the war -

The loss of the illusion - the awakening, the discovery of love in the middle of destruction, loss, pain, fear and death.

Simply amazing!



About the author(Erich Maria Remarque)

Erich Maria Remarque (pen name of Erich Paul Remark) is one of the best known and most widely read authors of German literature in the twentieth century.

Remarque's biography is essentially marked and his writing fundamentally influenced by German history of the twentieth century: Childh......more

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