A Monk and His Girlfriend

A Monk and His Girlfriend

Authors : Maxin James

ISBN10 : 9380905904 ISBN13 : 9789380905907

Genres :

Language: English

3.88 /5

Paperback, 138 pages

Published September 2014 by Roman Books, London


Kartik, the young monk, knows that he must choose between his monk-hood and his search for Moyana. He knows well that he is still not being able to get rid of the desires of his youth and his love for a girl. A revolt against the holy traditions of the Monks of Pangchi will put him under the curse o......more


About the author(Maxin James)

Maxin James is passionate about mythologies, nature, culture, ancient traditions and other uncountable things like reading, meditation and rambling along the sea shore, trekking mountains and long walks in nature. His primary interest in fiction is more on subtle aspect of story telling especially o......more

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