A Kiss to Die for (Leisure Historical Romance)

A Kiss to Die for (Leisure Historical Romance)

Authors : Claudia Dain

ISBN10 : 0843950595 ISBN13 : 9780843950595

Genres : Romance,Historical Romance,Historical,Westerns

Language: English

3.60 /5

Kindle Edition, pages

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Abilene 1873.

Bounty hunter Jack Skull is on the trail of a killer working the old Abilene Trail, tracking him north from Texas to Kansas. Jack has been tracking him through the dust and the desolation of lonely miles, determined to catch the man who kills pretty, lonely women, women who......more


About the author(Claudia Dain)

It was while writing a descriptive essay in seventh grade English (that was the assignment, to write a 'descriptive essay') that Claudia first fell in love. With descriptive essays. Boys being what they are in seventh grade, there was hardly much choice.

By her ninth grade year, Claudia ......more

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