A Gathering of Gargoyles

A Gathering of Gargoyles

Mass Market Paperback, 333 pages

Published September 1st 1998 by Harcourt Brace & Company


Aeriel's love has broken the curse on the darkangel Irrylath, making him human again and freeing him from the control of his mother, the dreaded White Witch. But the Witch is far from defeated. Her wicked plans require all seven of her vampyre sons, and she will not give one up so easily. There is b......more


About the author(Meredith Ann Pierce)

Meredith Ann Pierce is a fantasy writer and librarian. Her books deal in fantasy worlds with mythic settings and yet overturn standard expectations, frequently featuring young women who first wish only to love and be loved, yet who must face hazard and danger to save their way of life, their world, ......more

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